The Beaufort at 140 West 57th Street. Photo: Ziv Arazi/RVNY

About Rare Violins of  New York


Rare Violins of New York is an internationally respected firm in the world of fine instruments. Co-founders Bruno Price and Ziv Arazi are unique as experienced dealers and former professional musicians, whose passion for music developed alongside their passion for instruments. They have gained the trust of some of the most important musicians, collectors and foundations in the world, selling and restoring some of the world’s greatest instruments.


Messrs. Price and Arazi partnered to form Rare Violins of New York in 2002. They founded the company specifically to provide high end instruments to top musicians, and concurrently developed its internationally acclaimed workshop. It has continued to grow as a full service company under their careful guidance. Rare Violins of New York has expanded its reach to provide high quality instruments at every price range for any serious musician. Together, they use their experience to carefully place suitable instruments in deserving hands.


About Our Location


Rare Violins of New York is located at 140 West 57th Street in the historic landmark building “The Beaufort”, which remains an impressive symbol of the neighborhood’s relevance as a thriving artistic center. With Carnegie Hall, the Art Students’ League and many other cultural institutions on the same street, Rare Violins of New York is located at a prime location in central Manhattan.


Built in the New York “studio building” style at the heart of the city’s cultural epicenter, The Beaufort was erected in 1907-08 on the south side of a broad crosstown street in order to ensure exposure to the beautiful north light coveted by artists. We are proud to continue the great traditions of many renowned New York violin shops that have been housed in this building, including Jacques Français Rare Violins.


Bruno Price

Bruno Price has been a dealer of fine instruments for over 25 years. He has established many important and trusting relationships with the world’s foremost musicians, collectors and dealers of great instruments. Born in Great Britain to a musical family, Mr. Price trained as a cellist at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester (UK), and later earned his graduate degree in Cello Performance at the Northern Illinois University, Dekalb, where he studied with Marc Johnson of the Vermeer Quartet. Mr. Price transitioned from cellist to instrument dealer in 1986 when he joined Bein & Fushi in Chicago. He later moved to the East Coast, where in 2002 he formed Rare Violins of New York with Ziv Arazi.

Michael Bourassa

Restorer Michael Bourassa has worked in the Rare Violins of New York workshop since 2002. His emphasis is on the highest level of conservation while maximizing an instrument’s playability. Consequently he has been entrusted with the care of many of today’s most well-known instruments and is sought after for his services in tonal adjustments. Michael comes from a family of woodworkers, has been a musician since a young age, and is a skilled photographer. He is a graduate of the North Bennett Street School’s Violin Making and Restoration program.

Ron Forrester

Ron Forrester is an American bow maker who works exclusively in the French tradition, creating bows entirely by hand using only traditional tools and methods. His years of experience working with some of the finest string players in the world have served him well in the execution of this highly specialized form. Ron is an elected member of The American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers. He apprenticed for seven years in New York City and later refined his craft, learning from several prominent French bow makers. He now creates his bows in New York City for players worldwide. Ron has worked with Rare Violins of New York as its on-site bow maker since 2008.

Tatsuo Imaishi

Raised in Hiroshima, Japan, Tatsuo Imaishi has worked in the Rare Violins of New York workshop since 2002. His approach to instruments as a restorer is cultivated by his appreciation for the great violin makers, their craft and the music their instruments inspire. Tatsuo studied violin throughout his youth, but his eagerness to understand the violin’s physical aspects ultimately eclipsed his desire to play. Tatsuo attended Boston’s North Bennett Street School, where he completed his training as a violin maker and restorer. Tatsuo notes that, as a restorer with the Rare Violins of New York workshop, he has seen and worked on some of the very greatest violins, violas and cellos known today.

Ziv Arazi

Ziv Arazi was introduced to fine instrument sales through his career as a classical violinist. He offers a uniquely insightful approach that accommodates a broad range of enthusiasts and musicians. Mr. Arazi was born in Israel where he began studying violin at age seven. Moving to New York when he was 19, he studied as a scholarship student with Dorothy DeLay at The Juilliard School of Music, where he earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Violin Performance. Mr. Arazi performed internationally as a soloist and chamber musician before committing himself exclusively to the business of fine instruments, later forming Rare Violins of New York with Bruno Price in 2002.