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Violins hanging in Rare Violins of New York repair shop

Driven by the mission to provide the highest-quality instruments to professional musicians and collectors, founders Bruno Price and Ziv Arazi established Rare Violins of New York in 2002.


Their backgrounds as seasoned dealers and former professional musicians underscores the firm’s commitment to both the preservation and growth of classical music. 

Over the years, Rare Violins of New York has expanded its services to support artists and investors in the realm of fine instruments, while garnering international acclaim for its esteemed workshop. 

Through a devotion to quality and integrity, the firm earned and maintains the trust of prominent musicians, collectors and foundations globally, facilitating sales of some of the world’s most exceptional instruments.

As guardians of tradition and supporters of future talent, Rare Violins of New York offers a comprehensive range of services and remains dedicated to its founding principles, ensuring access to quality instruments at every price point.

Rare Violins of New York restorer works on cello

Our Team

We take great pride in our team of highly trained professionals, committed to a shared philosophy of respect for instruments.

Press Club


Bruno Price


Ziv Arazi


David Brewer

Director of Sales

Maria Lyon

Artist Liaison

Tatsuo imaishi

Head of Workshop

Sibai Huang


Nicholas Gerald


Veronica Vaillancourt


Hannah Landergan


Our Services

  • Rare Violins of New York is distinguished for its integrity and consistent standards of excellence as dealers of antique and contemporary violins, violas, cellos and bows.

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  • Our workshop passionately upholds the company’s approach to restoration to achieve the highest quality of craftsmanship and instrument conservation.

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  • Rare Violins of New York provides written appraisals for insurance and estate purposes.

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  • Violin market performance using realized global, private, and vetted sales data. Imagine you're in the market for a rare violin. You've heard about sales, recognize the opportunity, yet getting accurate pricing information for rare violins can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Violin Market Index (VMI) offers clarity.

    At VMI, we’ve revolutionized the way rare violin pricing is understood. Our unique system, encompassing 15 critical factors, such as condition, model, and history, generates a score for each violin — the VMI score. This score gives you a clear picture of its true value, allowing you to compare instruments accurately no matter the differences.

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  • Providing a unique platform for benefactors and artists to collaborate on instrument loans and related projects. In Consortium serves as a specialized platform facilitating collaboration between benefactors and artists, particularly in the realm of instrument loans and associated projects. Through the provision of fine instruments to musicians, benefactors can optimize their cost of ownership, thereby enhancing their profit margins.

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We offer a complete range of services for musicians, foundations and collectors. Situated above Carnegie Hall and close to Lincoln Center, we are conveniently located for visiting and local musicians.


Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

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