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Immerse yourself in our distinguished collection of instruments, offering enduring craftsmanship from revered masters like Antonio Stradivari, Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù, G. B. Guadagnini, and more.


Our dedicated team is ready to collaborate with musicians, collectors, and investors alike. Discover the timeless elegance of our curated selection.


Contact us with inquiries about our full collection or to arrange a meeting.

Notable Sales

Rare Violins of New York has acquired, restored and sold many fine instruments over the years. Each one – along with their documentation and accessories – carries within it an incredible history. From the makers, musicians and enthusiasts that created, played or owned these exquisite pieces, an instrument holds a multitude of stories and carries them into its future.

Preserving such legacies and placing an instrument in worthy hands is a point of pride for everyone at Rare Violins of New York. Each sale presents an opportunity for new stories to be connected with the rare violins, violas and cellos that have passed through our collection.

For information about our full collection — past and present — please contact us.

Stradivari Cello, Cremona 1689 "Archinto"

One of the finest early cellos by the great master.

Stradivari Violin, Cremona 1734 "Ames"

Stolen in 1981 and recovered over 30 years later.

Stradivari Violin, Cremona 1710 "Vieuxtemps"

One of two 1710 violins belonging to the great violinist.

Guarneri del Gesu Violin, Cremona, c1742-3 "Brusilow"

An example of the most sought-after late-period.

Stradivari Cello, Cremona c1707-10 "Castelbarco"

One of the first Stradivari cellos made on the Forma B pattern.

Stradivari Violin, Cremona 1717 "Tyrrell"

One of the purest Golden Period violins.

Cello cases of varying styles are lined up against a wall of crown moulding at Rare Violins of New York. A door to the right with glass window panels is ajar. A grey shadow is cast over the instrument cases, some which read "fragile."
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