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Rare Violins of New York distinguishes itself with a reputation for integrity and unwavering standards of excellence as dealers of antique and contemporary violins, violas, cellos and bows.

Decorated bookshelves at Rare Violins of New York

Acquisitions & Sales

Leveraging extensive expertise and trusted connections within a global network of musicians, collectors, investors and dealers, Rare Violins of New York offers comprehensive guidance to all clientele.

As former musicians, founders Price and Arazi possess a deep empathy for the multifaceted challenges facing artists today. Whether seeking to buy or sell, clients of Rare Violins of New York experience an atmosphere characterized by sensitivity, transparency, discretion and meticulous attention to detail.

Proficient at bridging the gap between artists and investors, Rare Violins of New York is committed to ensuring that fine instruments find their rightful place in the hands of those who respect their historical significance and exceptional craftsmanship. 

Angled photo of instruments inside green velvet cubbies in the vault at Rare Violins of New York

Restoration & Tonal Adjustments

The sound produced by an instrument is as distinct as the musician playing it. This unique bond underscores a fundamental principle of our workshop: thoughtful conservation.


Rare Violins of New York is committed to balancing the needs of musicians with the integrity of their instrument, working with all clients to provide a deeper knowledge and appreciation of their violin, viola or cello.

Violins and violas hang from scrolls in windows above workshop benches at Rare Violins of New York


Rare Violins of New York provides written appraisals for insurance purposes. They include a detailed description of the instrument or bow, as well as a valuation based on current market conditions.

Specific appointments are required.

Head-restorer Tatsuo Imaishi oversees the Rare Violins of New York workshop, and has worked closely with the company’s founders since 2002. His skills reflect the company-wide dedication to detail and quality, serving both clients and instruments while ultimately preserving the work of great makers for future generations. Under his leadership, the shop’s staff handle high-profile restoration projects for instruments of noteworthy importance in addition to assisting music professionals in routine instrument care. 


Tonal adjustments are an opportunity for musicians to work directly with our restorers to achieve a set-up that is optimal for both the instrument and player. These appointments ensure that an instrument is functioning in a manner that permits technical ease and freedom of expression. Issues such as a lack of clarity, slow response, wolf tones or audible buzzing can often be easily addressed; once an instrument is examined by the workshop, appropriate solutions are presented to the player.

This guaranteed meticulous consideration is why clientele — from renowned concert soloists, to active orchestral and chamber professionals, to educators and students — rely on the Rare Violins of New York workshop.

Tatsuo Imaishi, head of workshop at Rare Violins of New York, carves the bridge of a stringed instrument
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