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guarneri violin

In the realm of fine arts, violins have evolved into coveted symbols of luxury within a thriving market. Musicians consider these instruments pivotal investments in their careers, understanding the impact of superior tools on performance. Likewise, patrons of the arts acknowledge the high demand and limited supply of these prized instruments.

Historically, industry gatekeeping poses challenges to clients accessing crucial pricing data, hindering comprehensive market research and thus restricting access to instruments as investment vehicles.

Rare Violins of New York addresses this issue. As a leading international violin firm, we offer comprehensive support throughout the instrument’s ownership cycle, from initial research and purchase, to maintenance and eventual resale.

Case on shelves at Rare Violins of New York
Violin rests atop piano at Rare Violins of New York's main room

Additionally, our lending program — Rare Violins in Consortium — offers a unique platform for instrument owners to loan their valuable assets to deserving artists. This reduces ownership costs and generates publicity.

Transparency is paramount, and through tailored services, we empower clients to navigate the violin investment landscape with confidence.

Whether investing in your career or investing in the arts, Rare Violins of New York is your partner for unlocking the potential of fine instruments.

Violins and violas hang above work bench at Rare Violins of New York workshop
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